Sitting in the meadow overlooking the hill
The sparkle in your eyes the highlights your hair
As you watched the leaves move time for me stood still

Every breath on my neck, every whiff of your hair
As we roll around the grass lost in a world of our own
Reminds me of the night we first met
Your scent deep inside me, down to the very bone

Under that oak tree on that hot summer afternoon
Lying down in your lap as you played with your dress
I could just but stare at that beautiful smile
Spellbound as the sun gave way for the moon

Opening that bottle of wine
You kept it aside to let it breathe
I was the one who had to catch my breath as I saw you
Poised like Aphrodite herself
As your tender frame highlighted under that night sky
Oh how I was glad you were mine

Laying with you under the same blanket, I got my fill
The rhythm of your breath, the warmth of your skin
With you baby I can make a castle over this hill.