It’s the 21st century and we live in an age,
Where text messages have replaced chits.
Where first dates often lead to make out sessions,
Where did love go it’s hard to gauge.

I remember a time when love letters were written on pages,
When the first brush of the hand used to be nothing less than magic.
When sipping coffee used to be the norm when you first meet,
Now it’s usually alcohol and hormone which rages.

I come from a time when hook ups weren’t so cool,
Then loyalty too was a big deal.
Once a cheater always a cheater,
That’s what we lived by; that was the rule.

As I remember it, first kisses were meant to be a story,
Not just a random kiss in a bar some night.
The romance of that moment was appreciated,
Not a random encounter in the back of some lorry.

Sex was not something that you just had,
It had emotions and feelings not just crude desire.
We merged bodies together, and our hearts,
Animalistic as it is, it wasn’t back then a fad.

Given the chance I would gladly go back,
I am an old school romantic in this hook-up culture after all.
It is the time that is wrong not the people in it,
I just keep waiting for a miracle, some kind of hack.

Take me back to when love actually lasted,
When one person and one person only mattered.
When people were ready to work things out,
When couples, for each other, actually fasted.

Ah those days of hidden naughty romance,
Those sneaky little tricks that we used to pull.
I remember following my crush from a distance,
Because talk to her? You kidding? No chance!

I wish I was back when it was meant to be from above,
When physical union was considered to be sacred.
Oh how I wish I was back when we fought for each other,
This one is for you, you know who too, FROM THE 90’S WITH LOVE. . . .