Once he knew her inside out,
Now things weren’t so clear anymore.
Often there would be misunderstandings,
They would run out of things to talk about.

Once he knew why she laughed and why she cried,
Now he didn’t even know when she was happy and when she wanted to run and hide.

He knew this would happen one day,
He knew she was meant for better things.
Every time he told himself he would be ready for it when it comes,
Lying to himself every step of the way.

The truth was he loved her too much,
Or maybe too little to see her go like this.
He still held on to those moments shared,
Just like a child learning to walk holds on to his crutch.

How so ever self destructive it was he couldn’t care,
Closed his eyes, “I will not let this, this way fair!”

As December approached he couldn’t help but cry,
So many images and pictures he had in mind;
So many ways they could fly.

Drank another peg, smoked another joint,
“Winter please don’t fail me” he said;
This cold air but her hair is still on point. . .