A Cold Night and A Warm Heart

As the clouds grew thicker I sat there,
Looking through the window far across the meadow;
That solitary light across the field,
Her hut shone like a beacon, the windows in a pair.

My fireplace crackled with wood but yet I was cold,
No rug at my feet no blanket on my shoulder;
Could warm up the chill in my heart,
Sitting there on the rocking chair only her memory could I hold.

As the rain started to fall so did my tears,
Remembering the days just like this one;
She would cuddle with me in the same blanket,
The warmth in her eyes when she said “here is the hot chocolate my dear”.

Now all that was left was an unmade bed,
The distance from my hut to hers seemed like an eternity;
I held the urn that held her ashes close to my heart,
She had walked across the meadow, I’ll meet you there she had said.