A sensation a feeling an emotion it is all that
Playing on our mind clenching our heart
Shaking hands trembling feet sweaty brows
Knows no boundaries no place where it isn’t at

People say love it what unites the human race
There is a force much more powerful that connects us all
Spiders cars heights injury loss death and many more
Reasons many but FEAR has no singular face

Pulling us back drawing us in holding our trot
It is the worst enemy one can have
Whatever we do wherever we go it isn’t far behind
But I ain’t here to scare you a suggestion I’ve got

Why do we fear is the question at hand
Is it because of what is happening or what will come to chance
Neither I say is the reason to this evil
It is what has come to pass the footprints in the sand

Going forward we always glance over our shoulder looking back
And the mistakes that we made catch up to haunt us again
Dreading repeating what we did then stops our leading foot
And so it grips us its just courage that we lack

Now comes the crossroad that decides our fate
Intimidated by the past some step back
Then there are some who hold their ground
Taking life in their stride rather than to sit and wait

It is for them that I write this now
Teach the world what you have come to learn
Show them to derive their strength from their burn
Fear is no evil but a friend if you will
Embrace it like your own and it will show you how

It is what drives us forward if you pay heed
Overcome it once and you will have all that you need
Stronger it will grow don’t let it feed
Cut the cord and plant a fresh seed

Fighting is an amateur mistake make it your ally
Work with it under it and it will help you fly…..