There and back again. . .

All of us have had our fair share of sorrows and despairs
None of us has the big guy up above spared
Deep and dark were the pits into which I fell
Imprisoned in my own subconscious, in an impenetrable cell
All hope seemed lost no end was supposedly in sight
Pulled back by my own inner demons no strength to fight
Never ending was the torment paramount was the fear
The silent screams in the night no one could really hear
Along this twisted and foggy path I saw a beacon of hope
A light shone in the distance no more in the darkness had I to grope
For so long had I been searching for something to hold on to
So long that my feet grew cold and my hands turned blue
I broke a mere shadow of the man I once was
Empty stranded although living but without a cause
One day when it became too much
I was fed up with my life couldn’t take things as such
Took up a knife and brought it up to my throat
Bidding adieu to the world I wrote a note
Looking back to all the times I had
Realized that it wasn’t actually that bad
Yes I’ve been screwed, horrors have transpired
But that doesn’t mean I should grow tired
There have been many days of pure joy
Looking back to the days when I was a boy
There have been reasons in the past to rejoice
All of us like me always have a choice
Either we can sit back and let things happen their own way
Or we can get up and make today our day
Take it from me I’ve seen the other side
Believe me friend it’s a much tougher ride
Walk through the rain feel the pain
Trust me I’ve been there and back again. . . . .