Limitless boundless immense is the way you are
Far across in the distance with the horizon at par
Changing with the tide and wind is your nature
Serene as the south foaming as a northerner
Standing on your shore i feel so small
Downsized insignificant in front of your waves tall
Frothing one moment and calm another
Taught me so much like an elder brother
The vastness gave me a feeling of depth
In your bosom so many secrets you have kept
Teaching me to take in and not to complain
To have a big heart and to forgive who cause pain
The calm of your waters taught me patience
Not to get troubled,against all odds myself fence
But when time comes you show your true colors
Possessing the might to give any one chilly jitters
Teaching me there is a limit to everything
Those who wrong me upon them devastation i shall bring
As the sun sets into your mighty heart
Taught me someday with everything i will have to part
But the next morning you were back with your sparkling glory
Telling me that there isn’t just one story
I am enlightened by what you have shown me ‘o’ sea
Opened my eyes to what i can really be. . . .