The bulls eye

We are told to hold back on things
We are supposed to wait till the fat lady sings
But what if there is no bright dawn
What if after today the opportunity is gone
What if we get just one chance and that’s it
What if we get only one hit
Life doesn’t give second chances
That is why never stop your advances
Take what you can give nothing back
Grab all you can and stack em up on a rack
No more can you wait and be the gentleman
Fight for your right do whatever you can
Go big or go home is the way to live
Drain out all that the world has to give
It is better to burn out than to fade away
Live out loud and say what you have to say
Break all the shackles set yourself free
Live the way you want, be who you wanna be
Whatever you do give it your best shot
Because maybe that is all that you have got
Make sure whatever you do, do it on a high
Be so strong that no one can deny
Don’t walk anymore learn to fly
Be so good that every time you hit it right in the bull’s eye. . . . .