One summer afternoon on my way back
Seated in the third row from the last
Alone I was good company I did lack
My bus experience had been bad in the past

It was 20 minutes into the journey that I saw her
Sitting a couple of rows ahead of me looking ahead
She wore a blue jeans and a jacket of pink fur
She turned smiles were passed though nothing was said

For a full 30 minutes I kept thinking what to do
Then mustered up the courage to go and talk
As I moved up to her my intrigue grew
Mesmerized by her beauty I continued my walk

Reaching beside her I asked “is this seat taken”
Looking up in all her glory she said “please by all means”
One thing led to another and soon an hour it had been
When suddenly mid conversation into my ear she leans

In a sad voice she told me that this was it
The journey was about to end and so was our time
Confused I was initially but then it hit
I implored that leaving something so beautiful was a crime

Even before she said I knew what her answer what be
Special as it was she did not want to spoil the memory
However reluctantly her point I could see
Never could we recreate what we shared being so free

As I watched her go sadness filled my heart
But along with it there was a different feeling too
Unhappy I was that we had to part
But happier that someone like her fortunately I knew

Anonymous our brief meeting was kept on her request
Confident I am we shared a bond some special link
I looked for her north south east and west
Places I went looking but every time my heart did sink
Now every time I board a bus hopeful I am to meet the girl in pink. . . . . .