There was once this little girl who always used to look out of her bedroom window and gaze at the trees surrounding the little house she lived in. Innocent as she was all she wanted to do when she grew up was live amongst the trees and never leave their cool shadow that protected her from the harsh sun. Then she grew up and moved to the city where the trees were replaced by tall buildings but she never could forget her childhood home. So one day when she was old enough she expressed her desire to go back to her old home and so she did. One Sunday afternoon she went back to the village along with their mom only to discover something that would change her life completely. The house she grew up in had changed and so had the village. The family living in their old house did not care a bit about their surroundings and all the little plants she had nurtured were gone. But what shook her most was that the trees which she fell in love with were nowhere to be seen. All of them had been cut to make way for some fancy new shopping mall. Her memories had been shattered like the broken glass of her bedroom window and that day the little girl left crying silently to herself. When she reached back home she asked her mother just one simple question. “Mom why did those trees have to die”.

Now I know most of you will just read this story and forget about it or not even bother to read it but let me tell you something if you really did read it just go back say 15-20 years of your life. Try and remember the evenings that you spent running around in parks playing hide and seek behind the trees breaking of branches from trees and using them as swords. Think of the afternoons spent in the shade of the trees the swings tied to the branches tree climbing competitions. Today we live in an age where less and less concern is given to preserving nature. On a personal note the college that I am in had immense greenery when I joint but now all that I see is a concrete jungle. I don’t say don’t make way for new complexes, that would be being impractical but what I say is that at least do it in a planned way, in such a manner that the balance of nature is preserved. Saying plant a tree for every tree cut is also impractical but we can make that to a ratio of 1:10 to say the least. I am no expert in this field and I am not aware of any such plans but I believe what I see and it is not good. Speaking as a lay man what I see is nature being destroyed. I am no social activist no famous personality that I can make a speech and people will listen and hence forth I would change the world. I know I am no one. But what I do know is that if all of us do our part even if we plant one little plant in our houses, that little girl out there might just get a new hope.