Sunday mornings most people laze around relax catch up with some pending work and do something or the other which they had been waiting all week long to do. But I know a kind which waits the whole week just to do one job and one job only. The kind I am talking about is known as “Grease Monkeys”. For them their ride is their beloved. Be it a car, a bike or even a scooter this breed does not differentiate. Their vehicles are treated like you and I would treat our girlfriends. While they wash and clean they also speak to it pat it even pretend to listen to it! It is as if the engine of the car itself was speaking in a language only they could understand. Putting their heart and soul into the task they eventually emerge filthy sweaty smelly but with a smile on their face and a satisfaction that nothing else can give. Even on the road they are a race apart. When we see a new car we just look at it once and go on about our work. Not them. Rare are the cases when they do not know about each and every car on the road and even those which are not yet launched. Dare to ask and they will tell you each and every thing about the ride, right from the wheel base to the engine capacity to the price. And god forbids if they do not know a certain something about a vehicle! The whole world will be forgotten and you will see them immersed in some magazine or some website checking out the details. Trust me when I say it is not just some hobby. They are a cult! If one of them meets another they start speaking in a language a person like you and me would not understand. Not only do they preach but they also practice. If a layman is stuck on the road with a car that has steam billowing out of its hood he would look for a mechanic but not them. Straight away pop the hood and start tweaking a knob there twiddling a wire here and in no time they are back inside mission accomplished. But then again all of us have some kind of an obsession and this is theirs. They love their cars and bikes and actually care for them. You should listen to them crying about a mere scratch on the vehicle which is barely visible. It is like the end of the world to them. Some of us have a certain pillow or a jeans or some bracelet that is very near to us, for them it is their ride. So however gross and smelly they might look on a Sunday morning know this that this grease stained face that you are looking upon that seems super happy, well it is the grease and the smell of the gas that keeps him alive and working the whole week only to come back to his love the next week.