There Was A Time

Back tracking on the years gone by I often feel
There were things I’d like to change in those reels
Chances lost mistakes made all I want to mend
Make myself stronger for today so I could defend

All of us have regrets of something done in the past
Some effects fade away while some last
There are scars of lost battles that would never heal
Times that made us bow and times that made us kneel

Dark days many have seen and for many endless nights
That one thing kept bothering no sign of a future bright
How you wish there was a chance some miraculous respite
Hoping it all happened differently so you could stand up and fight

You tend to think of ways to escape trying to cut lose
Irrational thinking starts when facing the hangman’s noose
There was a time when you could have made it all turn around
But then you think about the present you are time bound

Here comes the feeling what have I really lost
If I could bring it all back what would be it’s cost
The world that I see around me would it be the same
Or things would be different a whole new ball game

Those things mattered the most for us at that time
Re-evaluatuon seeps in now is it even woth a dime
Truly things would have been very different
But would you trade it for the time post it spent

Now comes the realisation of what was more imprortant
The things you have now or do you want o repair the dent
For some the past was their gem and they want it back
Others just keep it same on the top shelf of some hidden rack

All kinds of people are faced with this choice
What went by cannot be brought back
Given a chance I would not rewind
Thinking about It I have come to realise

Surely life isn’t always fair and wrongs have been done
But then if There Was A Time Again There Will Be One. . . . . . .