The Wisdom Tree

For years it has been standing
Looking over the world wearily
As the time changed he grew weak
Lesser attention was paid with each increasing ring

Stood tall once all mighty and fearsome
They came to him was all knowing
Spite and ridicule crept in
He was now envied and asked to keep mum

Once respected and honored among all
Now in a corner he sat looking on
The world around him had changed so much
All that he fought for was taking a fall

Ethics and values had lost their place
Success had lost it’s true meaning
All that mattered was moving ahead
No matter how many were trampled in the race

Cultures had been born under his watch
And now they were going to dust
The roots of existence of our race
Were being drowned in bottles of scotch

Facts he knew could not be over looked
Had seen many like these before
They came and went in their own fashion
Belief in his own wisdom never shook

Time and time again he told us
“Listen to me” was his only call
If we pay heed to him we still might stand
A chance to avoid all the impending fuss

His words have stood the test of time
For generations he has been on this earth
Hand in hand with god he made it true
The grass green and the wind chime

Seasons have gone by and he hopes
Someone would listen to his advice
Stands alone waiting for a chance
With every taunt he copes

It is the time to act and to rise
And to listen to his words wise. . . . . . .