The Way I Am

Every once in a while I sit and think what am i
A brother, a son, a grandson, a friend
In the quest of being what others want me to be
Maybe I’m everyhting maybe nothing maybe I’m just a guy

Right from the start I was told what to do
My clothes my habits my behaviour even my name
Did I ever think what I want what I could really be
Am I really what I am or what others made me into

Growing up my instincts began to develop
Realisation dawned upon me as to my calling
My place was not somewhere traditional
Wanted to break free from the shakles and see where life led up

Then came the all important career choice and I wasn’t even asked
It was thrust upon me like it was their choice not mine
Right from the start I knew this was not my place
They kept telling me to score but truly I was happy that I passed

College came and again I was standing on a crossroad
This time I mustered up the courage to speak out
My veiws were swept aside without a second thought
I was shattering to pieces here such was the load

Finding solace in the thought that I will still get my chance
I keep writing small pieces just to stay on track
I feel sick here coz I know I don’t belong
Given an opportunity I would leave without a second glance

I keep living upon the hope that someday I will get to prove
I was good I can be better just let me be “the way I am”

This piece has been written while pondering over my books and thinking
“WTF” am I doing here during my sem prep leave 😉 😛