I stood alone one summer morning

With the clouds overhead and wind in my hair

Preoccupied with thoughts about life and death

Realizing they are not different but one pair

They are but two sides of the same coin

Hard to know what comes first and what comes last

Flip the coin and you are sure to get something

But then that something is too vast

What happens after death is there any afterlife

Such questions kept running through my mind

Terrified of death and keen on life this is the nature on mankind

We as humans are relentlessly searching

The answer to the eternal question

Death is a transition to another world

To a place beyond lies and deceit or is it

All are fables and tales told

Is there really a heavens garden or a hells pit

What lies beyond the grave no one knows for sure

It is just old wives tales and folklore

I ask myself what is life and death

And again I realize am I supposed to know

The deepest mystery of life and death

For then I close my eyes and let them go

If I really get to know all the secrets

Then surely the knowledge would be my foe

Yes I would become all knowing

But will I get that eternal bliss

I will become aware of all the facts

Then what about life’s surprises and deaths kiss . . .