Everyday I wake up to a thought
Do i really deserve the chance that i got
Life has given me nothing but failure
Did i even have a reason to be here
Set backs and losses came in every battle
I am but the black sheep in the cattle
Every chance every opportunity i took
But everytime got hung on the hook
Lost my love twice in my life
And everytime it cut like a knife
My friends and family told me not my fault
But after some deep thinking i came to a halt
Maybe i was the one not meant for love
Maybe i wasn’t destined for the white dove
I’m sure it’s something that is wrong in me
For me love isn’t just meant to be

Then again i thought let it go
I consoled myself saying they will reap what they sow
I started concentrating on my own self
I put all those thoughts on a shelf
Concentrated on more important things
Started working for a life like a king
Fate had something else in store
It lured me in and thew me out of the door
Dissapointment and failure greeted me like old friends
I started thinking and wanting it to end
Wherever i went i met ruins
I imagined it was all because of my sins
Nothing was going according to plan
I turned my back and i ran
Tears kept streaming down my face
I guess i had lost life’s race
Met dead ends wherever i went
My life force it seemed was spent
Even though i tried my best
My mind i could not put to rest
Every endevour that i undertook
It ended even before i could take a proper look
With family and friends it all seems fine
But solitude reminds me what could’nt be mine
I try to forget all that is the past
Try to mould myself in a new cast
I think and want to reform
But this is just the silence before the storm
She keeps coming back to me every night
I keep blaming myself to new heights
Blaming myself is the only way out
It is in me that i have a doubt
Maybe i was the one not meant for her
all those thoughts in a depressing blur
Everyt thing i did I could not manage
All the walls came in of life’s cage
I had lost my dignity and self respect
It was starting to show it’s effect
I was scared to do things i knew i could
what if again a failure i stood
Then again i thought once more
Was it the beginning of the end. . . . .