The summer breeze in my hair made me nostalgic
Closing my eyes i began to day dream
Remembering those days long gone by
The rustle of the leaves and the trickle of the stream

Some memories came back into the light
Some episodes and occasions long forgotten
A smile played across my face
The moments that i had shared and the places i had been

I had become a kid once again playing in the mud
My mother scolding me and taking me for a bath
The smell of the damp soil and the touch of her hand
Life being much simpler and the only problem being math

Remembering those mild afternoon showers
The sheer delight of dancing in the rain
The taste of the sizzling pakoras and tea
And then the tucking in the bed which soothed every pain

The afternoons were always spent on the streets
The heat didn’t really seem to matter
When the home gully team was in a fix
We played with all our mite even when our parents called us mad hatters

Remembering those school days of innocence
Those lunch breaks of eternal fun
When the lunch box was the bat alluminium foil the ball
What mattered was the enjoyment not who lost or won

The evenings were spent among our bicycle gangs
Roaming the streets as if they were our own
Racing each other around those sharp turns
Not once did we even think that one day we would be alone

Night fell at 8:00 pm sharp and we were sent to bed
Asleep by 9:00 in our fantasy land curled up under our quilt
The nights were full of dreams about Sachin and Scooby
There was no trouble back then no sorrow no guilt

Then we grew up and things began to change
Those boats in the stream and those planes in the air
Vanished with the flow went away with the wind
Those enjoybale evenings changed into nights of despair

Memories will remain just memories the times will not come back
The innocence of childhood was what i missed the most
What my dad told me i accepted without question
Scared i was of the spirit not some past memorie’s ghost

Those days are now long gone by that is now the past
I am afraid to move on fearing what i have to face
But then i remember those days those times again
The wind in my hair a smile on my face

I am strengthned again by feeling dad holding my hand and my mothers embrace. . . . .