They say love is pure it is something outa this world
I have to agree on this till a certain point of purity
It is nothing but pure despair and pain sugar coated
It something that is difficult to understand and to handle its tricky
I write this today because i’ve seen and felt things which books talk about
But i also write for those who have seen the dark side of the love cloud
When in love everything seems so easy and wonderful i know
My friends there are two sides to each coin and this one has it no doubt
I write this for everyone out there feeling the joy and falling in love
Be wary my fellow travellers i’ve travelled down this road till the end
I’m sure there will be days when the world seems such a beautiful place
Do not forget though every road you travel has dark bend
You feel like you have everything you ever needed when you have them
Take care my friend because when everything just sweeps away
All that you felt connected to your feelings still does but in a different manner
Everything that you held dear to you once now you want to keep it at bay
Feelings that you get when they are near to you are amazing i know
But when somehow things go wrong and they go far
The very moments that you cherished once haunt your mind
Looking up at the sky all you see again and again is just a lonely star
Love surely is a wonderful feeling when it’s there truly
But true love my friends is today very hard to find
For those who find it they are the luckiest people in the world
But for those who have loved and lost ask what goes through their mind
The very soul whose soulmate they thought they had found
Now breaks into a million pieces and those pieces cry a million tears each
The very life they held dearer than their own someday
Becomes the very person to whom a lesson they wanna teach
Attempts to be strong to come out of it are superficial
Coz the love that they had stays on untouched by any pretended hatred or anger
You try to show others you are fine and have moved on now
But all the solitude that you seek reminds you of the love you have like a dagger
Love can surely change one’s life it can make you feel so good about yourself
But then again for how long will it last we never actually know
We try and console ourselves that no matter what the problem we will come through
So blinded in the love that you have you couldn’t see it coming no
I can go on and on about the joys and sorrows alike
But now tears are streaming down my face as i think about my own life
All i say at the very end of this poem is a kind of advice
Love is surely wonderfull i have to agree
But my friends all i want is for you to be wise. . . . .