One Last Breath

Sitting in a pensive mood one night
A strange question crossed my mind
What would one do if he knew
The next day would be his last fight

And again I resumed my quest
To understand the human race
Thinking of what I would do
Before I was placed to rest

Many would spend time with their closest
Wanting to see them one last time
Sharing a few moments making memories
Try to make the day last the best

Some would spend the day alone
Contemplating on the things gone by
Memories bringing smiles on their faces
Reveling in the realization of how much they have grown

Some yet again would like to live the day till the end
Do whatever undone try whatever they wish
Living the last day truly like the last
Enjoying every moment before that final bend

All this and more was the subject of dwelling
I was in deep thought for a full two hours
Topics ranging from death to rebirth to afterlife
Concluding on the fact that for the moment you should sing

And from here on some part of me changed
Believing that life indeed was a precious gift
Taking myself to new highs was now my goal
Reason and justification was not needed

Living it the way I perceived right
Making each second count and more
Living like each day actually is my last
Giving each challenge a fair fight

We don’t know when we meet death
So now I live like each is like my last breath. . . . . . . .