Life beyond these fences is unknown
Everything seems so easy when behind
Once I stepped out of the boundary I saw
It is the world infront and i’m alone

Thought of so many things while protected
How easy it all seemed back then
Now that I am facing it all upfront
Scared to find out where these new roads led

Opening the gate and stepping into the light
My foot trembled and my heart clenched
Facing the new challenges in store for me
The mere thought had induced a fright

Then again my thoughts led me to a place
My friends and family came in sight
It was something in their presence within me
That i put my first step forward with dignity and grace

Looked back on the fence i left behind
Memories of those days came rushing back
Simple and easy were the solutions in those days
It was in those memories did solace i find

Step forth in the world with courage and might
But then failures met me on the road
I was broken and alone with no where to go
Strength had left me and i couldn’t put up a fight

I wanted to go back to that sweet place again
To that fence and through that gate
Turning back i saw that all of that had begun to fade
I was lost on this road among unknown men

Men that word struck a chord somewhere
I couldn’t always live by those that had past
I was not a child anymore living behind those gates
The brunts and bruises alone i had to bear

Closing my eyes it all came rushing back
A smile played across my face and tears in my eyes
Opening my eyes i moved forward again
Knowing in love and support i would never lack

A realisation dawned upon me that day
No one could live in the past for ever
One day or the other all of us had to leave it behind
What i felt i know everybody felt in their own way

Growing up was something all of us had to do someday