Ghosts Of The Past

Let bygones be bygones is the general way to live
But sometimes when alone the mind tends to drift
To those moments spent and those memories created
You go back to the days you lived through letters cards and gifts

For some the dwellings are like the sweet summer breeze
Others treat them like the serenity of the autumn
Old wounds resurface and so do rememberences of joy
Some revell in the hapiness and some drown in scotch and rum

Solitude brings about a string of thoughts
Often leading to some reverie of time gone by
The moments precious to your heart
Or instances that made you cry and wanna die

Time surely is an enemy of sorts
It can make a man or lead him to destruction
Most chose wisely and go ahead with their lives
But for some it leads to depressions and even guns

There come instances in your life which you wanna preserve
Then some come along which you wish never happened
In the end what amtters is those are things of the past
Whatever went down good or bad did come to and end

Life is too short to be lived by the strands of some memory
The way to live is to embrace the future coming up fast
Back tracking on some road already travelled leads you nowhere
Eventually it is tomorrow that matters not some ghost of the past. . . . .

P.S.  This was written thinking about all those people who tend to live in the past hanging on to things that have long gone by and are unable to feel the rush and the  exhilliration of the uncertain future(I know this for a fact coz I was one on of them)