Friendship is a word so easily used
What exactly is a friend one day I mused
One whom you know and like
Or one who stays with you despite

A friend is not one with whom you share stories
Of days spent at the movies and travelling in lorries
He is the one who was beside you when it happened
The one who adds spice to the tale when told in the open

Blessed are those who find such people
One who is free of deceit and isn’t full of riddles
Someone who listens to your every rise of fame
Even when you both know the extent to which it was lame

Every fight which we get involved in
The throwing of artifacts and the din
After it’s over we sit back like of the same kin
Celebrating each good deed together along with each sin

He is the one who safeguards your deepest secrets
Loans you money in times of need and even pays your debts
One who gives you strong advice when in a fix
Who doesn’t stop you from making odd concoctions but tells you what to mix

More importantly he is one who stays by your side
To the sole rule of friendship he does abide
Doesn’t do stuff behind your back, doesn’t hide
Helps you through rough patches like a guide

Becomes one of the few in the whole world wide
In whom you can without hesitations confide
Who can through this life and the next give you
One HELLELUVA of a ride

P.S. (I have come across many acquaintances in my years in school and college many have just become faded memories in the mists of time. I have been backstabbed and have felt the need for a real friend. By god’s grace I was fortunate enough to find a select few and I cherish their friendship and they will always be closest to my heart coz family is what you were born with but friends are what you chose)