Today with the fast paced life that we lead
It’s hard to find time to even wipe a sweat bead
Running around frantically brains going haywire
Stuck in the stampede of finding someone who would hire

Less and less time we have for ourselves
The books unread stacked on shelves
There are places to go people to meet
Searching for a way to time beat

Pummeled by the winds of change
The world we once knew seems strange
You were not what you had set out to be
Looking in the mirror you wonder is this me

So influenced by the people around
In their definitions of you bound
What of the dreams that you once had
Of the ambitions of that young lad

Change is the law of nature very true
But so much so to forget who are you
Is something this era has made us do
This bondage today we break through

Let them know we are what we want
I am what I am and I will flaunt
No more will I go by tradition
I will succeed in my own expedition

I will sing out loud and crazily dance
To the music of liberation tunes of romance
Taking control today of life’s cart
Will live my life to the desire of my heart

Did I reach my destination remains to be seen
But the pathway I will surely make green
Hold no regrets to your doings and your acts
Life eventually is based on a simple fact

Change is inevitable it will come sooner or later
It is for you to decide how to the need you will cater
Will you go with the flow and let them change you
Or like me will join a revolution new

I pledge I will take my chances
Doing what I want no over the shoulder glances
Will take the coming time in full stride
With a belief of “I will not hide”
And with my wings spread like an eagle I will glide
Walk into the sunset with honor and pride